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20141008-202156.jpgCelebrated my Mom’s and Sis’s birthday early with brunch and a movie with a GDO!

(For 3/5/14)

>20140916-214141.jpgI am grateful for this hot pot dinner with the family!


20140803-132523.jpgI am grateful to have treated my cousin (with Toddler, A, and baby, M) and my sister to yummy dim sum. (Alas, the Chinese broccoli didn’t make the collage cut.)

20140727-212531.jpgMy cousin, my toddler niece, and newborn nephew came over, and spent the afternoon with me.

It was… Wow! Tiring to be at the beck and call of a toddler, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! It was fun, too.

Baby M is so cute! Babies, most particularly boy babies (family or strangers), love to look at and watch me for some reason. When he couldn’t see me and smile at me, he cried. I joke that my angels must be playing with him.

I am grateful for time spent with family today.

I am grateful for family–gathering to celebrate. For shots to loosen the lips, to hear stories (even secret ones) from two of three generations, for yummy food, for fun activities for all three generations (something to do with water guns…), for hours of laughter, and for love, warmth, and compassion for each other.

>20140626-201851.jpgTwo younger cousins just moved here to California, so they are here locally for a few days to visit before settling in another city. They are very into the K-pop culture, so I made Samgyeopsal for them. I am grateful for time with them.

I am grateful for yet another opportunity to spend time with my extended family. One of my cousins had a birthday party, and all the cousins away from college were home to hang out!

(For 6/21/14)

Happy Father’s Day!

Although my sibs and I couldn’t spend the day with our dad (he’s down South with his family), we visited Uncle M (who is like a dad to us). He is healing; albeit slow. He still has a long way to go, but he is a fighter! We also stopped by our grandparent’s grave and said a prayer too.

I am grateful to have met the newest member of our extended family. He slept most of the time, but he smiled in his sleep a couple of times! He is so cute! 😉

20140601-210842.jpgI made lunch and shared a meal with the Family unit. Ponzu beef ribs, roasted veggies, chanwanmushi using chicken broth and rotisserie chicken, and Sichuan boiled fish.

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