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20140831-163438.jpgDay 18 – Radiating Compassion

Today’s quote is from Albert Schweitzer. “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

Today’s centering thought is I radiate sympathy and acceptance.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Karuna Hum, which means “I am Compassion.”

From today’s message:
Compassion from the soul level happens when we spiritually embrace another soul without reservation or judgment. Compassion validates people in a profound way… it is a deep heart connection that heals by overcoming the feeling of isolation and separation we all carry. When we offer compassion to another, we activate a connection that tremendously expands our sense of self, and in doing so, our happiness and sense of wellbeing grows as well.

As we explore the depths of our consciousness, we come closer to the essence of our shared humanity. This private journey of self-realization actually leads us to a most intimate compassion for all people. Our meditation today takes us to that inner space of universal compassion and joy.”

The eighteenth day of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience was about radiating compassion.

Oprah shared that “compassion, quite simply, is seeing, hearing and feeling someone else as if they are one with you. It is what bonds us. It is what we seek from one another… When you listen, and see, and feel from a place of compassion, you build a connection from your soul to someone else’s soul from the inside out.”

Deepak said that “separation means that you feel alone and isolated. When you come out of separation, you are united with everyone else. How can you not feel compassion when other people are as close to you as you are to yourself? This is the secret wisdom hidden inside the quality of compassion. The expansion of happiness is the expansion of our soul. As we move deeper into our existence, we make more soul connections to others. We feel and know others from the inside out without judgement or blame. This is the embrace of our compassion. It is not an exercise. It is the recognition and feeling of yourself in the divinity of others. This compassion is a kind of communion of the soul that enlarges us. This may be what the Dalai Lama means when he says, ‘My religion is very simple. kindness is my religion’.”

I am really grateful for this meditation on compassion, but also for all the series of meditations that opened me up to higher consciousness and awareness.

I think that meditation helped my heart to open even further and understand how all of us are connected to each other. This helped me to cultivate more compassion and empathy, because we are one. We are one. We are same… just in different costumes, but we are same. We each have struggles, as we each have joys. We each are here to walk our own path, which somehow ends up the same too. We are one, and we travel no longer alone.

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

(Image and course information are courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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20140415-213009.jpgI am unsure yet if I will be doing a daily post about my 45 day journey as I surrender and let go with the flow. I am logging my experiences in a mini journal (as pictured above which I tweaked for privacy), and I am thinking of maybe doing summaries every few days or so.  I feel like I might end up spending way too much time in front of the computer and phone that I won’t have time to live my life.

Day 2 started very early for me. Mini Panther seems to have become much more loving the older he gets (he is twelve years old, but was a family cat for the first nine years with my mom). I woke up at least twice very early in the morning as he snuggled further towards me, nearly pushing me off the bed.  I have a queen sized bed with plenty of room.  This is my first cat pet experience so do cats become more loving/social as they get older?

I was picking up my co-worker and friend, PDJ, to carpool to work this morning. I told him I would get him at 6:35 a.m.  He said that if I made it on time, he would buy me lunch.  Darn, but I was late by 2 minutes.

In the end, he still wanted to buy me lunch (when we carpool, we treat each other once in a while for driving), but he had forgotten his wallet. HaHa. More about that later.

He told me during the drive that one of our friends showed my new FB profile picture to a newly single guy, who wants to meet me, but he got a lot of flack because he met me half a year ago.  PDJ and the guys wants to set me up.

PDJ and I had volunteer work today at Loaves and Fishes.  We prepped the dining hall, prepped some of the cold dishes (hot dish came from another site), prepped the donated bread and other items for the community to take from, served the meals, and helped with clean up of the kitchen.  During the service, I was in charge of the beverage table (one napkin per client as I was told and I needed to remind them to bring their cups for refills.  I have a soft speaking voice (not so my power singing voice), so I sometimes had to let them know about the refill twice.  Perhaps I should have sang the reminder.  Today, we served 164 meals.

We just don’t know… just don’t know what these clients are going through in their lives.  I felt sad to look into some of the clients’ eyes which were so deadened, they walk as if walking dead, but there were others whose eyes still had light sparking back. They still have hope.

Like the funny man who tried to speak to me in one of my racial languages.  He was so cute, coming back towards me with a different word each time.  There was a little girl from a family of four, tentative and shy to ask for napkins or drinks, whose eyes still shined with innocence.  There was even a boisterous lady who went from table to table to inspire camaraderie and hope.

I was glad to have a chance to do this event.  I’ve decided to plan an event for my group in the future.  I believe that serving others is a way for us to put our feet into someone else’s shoes, and an opportunity to gain more empathy for others.  Just as we are, they are doing their best…

After the volunteer event, PDJ and I decided to grab lunch. PDJ had forgotten his wallet, and I only had a $20 on me (I thought I was getting a free lunch. LOL).  So we ended up at a Vietnamese/Hawaiian/Filipino/Mexican fusion eatery through the help of Yelp.  We lucked out as we ordered as we found out that our mini tacos (Sweet & salty pulled pork (YUM), Tempura Tilapia (YUM), and Spicy chicken (OK)) were buy 2, get 1 free on Tuesdays. When I heard that (with our eyes hungrier than our stomachs), I also ordered a side order of the spam fried rice and garlic noodles to try. This was a newly opened place so PDJ was able to give them some honest feedback to help them with the side dishes.

20140415-223427.jpg When we left work today, PDJ and I had an opportunity to do a random act of kindness.  Hopefully, this somehow helped.

I once wrote about a path to a park I wanted to explore but didn’t get a chance to.  On the way home, PDJ showed me the entrance to the park (it is in his neighborhood), so now I know.  I stopped by the cemetery (also near his neighborhood), on the way home, to visit my grandparent’s grave.  For some reason, I feel sorry for flower pots that have turned over on people’s plots, and end up righting them back up.  My mom once asked me why I always did that, but I don’t really know why.

Mom picked me up for our Acupuncture sessions in the afternoon.  My Acupuncturist looked at my back and said that my volunteer job took its toll on me.  I was on my feet for four hours.  She is so good.  She used to be a doctor in China, and followed the training of learning not only Western medicine but also Chinese medicine philosophy.  I shared a meditation with her, which I used while a pin cushion.  Today’s sessions were very restful.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Mom and I had a light dinner and we bought some groceries at an Asian market. I picked up some stuff for an upcoming dinner and also to play (with new recipes to share with you).  And that was my going with the flow day, today.  (OMG, this took me a long time to write, I better go as tomorrow will be a very long day.  Good night!)

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