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This is another steamed, savory egg custard dish, this time from China, and it is called a “meat cake.” I used Stephen Wong’s recipe from, which is based on his book, HeartSmart Chinese Cooking.

20140503-162835.jpgImages of some ingredients used

20140503-162845.jpgSome images of the preparation


Some helpful notes:
1. Please use medium heat, not medium high, when steaming. I found it to be better.
2. If you want to use ground chicken or turkey, please add another 1/2-1 teaspoon of oil into the meat mixture, as chicken and turkey is leaner.  This will help to make the cooked meat mixture less dry.
3. You can use the meat mixture to make wontons. Simply wrap them in wonton skins.
4. The recipe below has a variation using egg whites, rather than whole eggs, for a healthier version of the dish.

Please visit Stephen Wong’s recipe at on Chinese Food.

20140501-000534.jpgCocotte Eggs with Creamed Mushrooms, made from Jacques Pépin’s recipe.

I was lucky enough to catch the episode when Jacques Pépin prepared this dish on his show, More Fast Food My Way. Ever since, I have wanted to taste it. It’s very good. The creamed mushroom alone was delectable all on its own. There is also that weird satisfaction when you break open the yolk.

Recipe Post:
(coming soon)

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