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I am grateful for the gift of cooking. I love to cook and create dishes. I also enjoy recreating dishes I encounter, by look and taste. Cooking is one of my many outlets and passions, and allows me to be creative, even when on a diet.

For dinner to share, I made salad with cilantro dressing. I am not into beans overly much, but I added white kidney beans for protein with shredded parmesan cheese and lightly salted fried onions. I also made crab, clams, and corn soup.

The way I ate got derailed about a month ago. With all that has happened with the family, my eating schedule and what I ate tipped over to the bad side.

I started, almost a week ago, to eat smaller meals every few hours that were a whole lot healthier. I am grateful that my body is getting more used to my eating plan and lower caloric intake, because a few days ago, I had to warn a co-worker who likes to tease me, “don’t mess with me! I’m on a diet. I’m ferocious when I’m hungry!” He quipped by telling my boss, and continuously tells me to eat sugar!

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