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imageSomething cute happened today! It was something that brought a smile to many faces.

I was going to throw a smal cup into a Minion trash can, but a young toddler, following his dad, was about to pass in front of me, pushing a kid’s shopping cart. However, he got distracted by the Minion, stopped, and gave the Minion a hug! Aw!

His dad, however, was aghast and exclaimed, “That’s a trash can!” LOL!

Wasn’t that adorable? 😁

20140619-221807.jpgSo cute!

20140511-203200.jpg100 Happy Days – Day 22: Cute Vegetable Animal Displays

#100HappyDays #Happy #Cute #Food

(Had wi-fi issues – for 5/11/14)

20140426-112216.jpgI wonder what secret he is telling her… I think he’s telling her he likes her. 😉

#100HappyDays #cute #couple #secret

I am grateful that life has so many things that bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts… even as small and simple as a bag that stores as a strawberry!

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