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I wanted to share a video I came across. It is so amazing! It is called “Western Spaghetti” by PES. What do you think of it?

“I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money [not for purpose or passion]- has turned himself into a slave.” –Joseph Campbell

20140731-063838.jpgDay 11 – Everybody Is Creative

Thought for the day: As I go through the day, I allow my creativity to spring forth

Daily Quote:
A creative act enhances the beauty of the world. It gives something to the world, it never takes anything from it.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about creativity.

Osho said that we have a limited view of creativity. This is something we have learned.

Everyone can be creative. It is not in the activity itself, but is in the attitude… the inner approach or how we look at things… that makes us all creative. It is in the way we love, enjoy, and being grateful for what we are doing or creating.

We can do any activity (i.e. dancing, poetry, etc.) in a noncreative way. But when we add quality to what we are doing, then even if we just sit silently, we are being creative.

Everyone is born creative, but we have forgotten that through what we learned from our culture, society, or other learned conditioning. Osho advises to observe children as they play and create–as they enjoy whatever they are doing, because they have not given into conditioning yet. They are simply enjoying and sharing. We can learn from them.

We, each of us, were born here in this life for a reason. Each of us is a major contributor in this life. Be creative and share your creativity with the world.

Excerpt from the course:
Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing it is not purely economical, then it is creative. If you have something growing out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine. Love what you do. Be meditative while you are doing it, whatsoever it is – irrelevant of the fact of what it is.”

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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20140625-220829.jpgUnique, cool stuff is like candy to an Aquarian like me, so Coconut Flour and Coconut Sugar trigger my creativity and the want to cast off on a foodie creation adventure!

20140503-081341.jpgI found this beautiful card, and inside it reads… “Always be your own glorious self. You do it Perfectly!” I am going to give it to my little sister (please don’t tell.) 😉

Virtually, I would like to share this card to Nerd In The Brain, for sharing her authenticity, creativity, and fun through her creations, games, and blog! You are exceptional!

#100HappyDays #Happy #Authenticity #Fun #Creativity #Expressing Self #Exceptional #Self

Nerd In The Brain

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20140425-053446.jpgThis is the second week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week two focuses on connecting with the seven chakra centers to “build a grounded state of peace and possibility.” Week two will activate what we found within last week.

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20140425-054111.jpgToday we activate the 5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra, which will help us to fully express our truth and our most authentic selves. In doing so, we can immerse ourselves in “creative unlimited joy!”

When we express our truth and vision, we create a better inner reality for us, one that is more positive. It is akin to choosing how to perceive our experiences–choosing to be happy, choosing to see love, rather than fear, etc. We are set free, and we can be in a more optimistic space, able to share kindness, love, forgiveness, and be willing and able to take more risks in life, for better fulfillment in it.

Today’s centering thought is “my life energy expresses its truth.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Om Shakini Namaha, which means “I activate my creativity.”

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

(Image courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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20140418-051224.jpgI am grateful for day 5 of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience.

So far, we have had the following meditations:
Day 1: Finding Security (Lam)
Day 2: Finding Happiness (Yam)
Day 3: Finding Power (Ram)
Day 4: Finding Love (Vam)

Day 5’s meditation is on “Finding Expression (Ham).”

It is about learning to listen to the subtle guidance within to fully and creatively express what we have come here, in this life, to do and be all that we are supposed to be.

Today’s centering thought is “my truth and creativity are within.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Ham, which means “I am creativity.”

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

(Image courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

I am grateful for Oprah’s Lifeclass with Dr. Brené Brown, Part 1 (watching Part 2 soon). I may be one of the few people who haven’t heard of her, but I now know who Dr. Brown is. Wow!

Here are some of her quotes:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.”

When I started this blog, I really vacillated on how much of myself to share. I was afraid of being vulnerable.

You see, this is my second blog. I started my first blog almost a year ago, and for the most part, it is anonymous. In it, I wrote about my past emotional and physical pain, and what I learned from facing my pain, abuse, mistrust, and my fears–in order to live my most authentic self.

I felt that my first blog helped me to face past baggages, cleanse, and find myself. I am grateful I was able to get a lot of things off my chest and make positive changes in my life. I feel that I have transcended most of the obstacles of my past and can now move on–which also meant, letting go of the first blog.

I knew that by putting this second blog up, I will publicly be putting myself out there, especially when I start working on my bucket list and posting images of my adventures as I complete them.

After watching part 1 of the Lifeclass with Dr, Brené Brown, I realized that vulnerability is also part of living life fully, and opening myself up is a brave thing to do and can help me connect much better with others.

Dr. Brown said, “there’s nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen.”

Being vulnerable allows us to be our most authentic selves.

I am grateful also to the people who have followed me thus far, and for sharing their own experiences, thoughts, and stories in their own blogs–and for showing their own vulnerabilities also. Thank you for our new connection and for inspiring me with you own posts.

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