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imageI had a yummy, Vietnamese dinner with some of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday. I had a drink called a “Hanoi Hottie,” which was super spicy from muddled jalapēnos.  The fried catfish and the bouncing beef were the best.


R gave each of us a button purchased from the cupcake shop to represent us. The bottom two were for me.  S had brought this cute, mini pedestal for the cupcake.  How cute!

Cupcakes from “Love At First Bite” cupcake shop for dessert.

imageI chose this one because of the design. The little balls were malt balls, to my surprise, atop a chocolate cupcake with butter cream icing.  I believe this was the best one according to taste and design.  We cut it into quarters to taste.  That would have been enough for me, but they kept cutting more cupcakes–for a total of 6!  Oh, the sugar overload!  I was not used to all the sugar!

I am grateful to R, S, and G for the gift of their friendship, this celebratory dinner, and the gift to “Kitchen On Fire”– to help me expand my culinary knowledge and skills!  Thank you!

(For 2/20/15)

imageI am grateful for another yummy birthday dinner. Thank you!

Today begins a new 365 day project for me.  For the next 365 days, I will publish something that provides me with either happiness, love, discovery, or inspiration… maybe even all of them at once.  It will be a project to celebrate something awesome each day.

2015/02/img_0516.jpgI visited my brother and he gave me an early birthday present.  He knows I love tea, and that I can’t seem to stay away from places like Teavana.  His exact words when I opened the gift was, “I know you like things like that.”  HaHa!

So for day 1, I would like to express my gratitude for this funny tea infuser from my little brother. Thank you, A!

20141012-091830.jpgHow did I miss it! My blog turned a year old, and I missed it. LOL! Busy-ness, Life, et al… Ah, the trappings of life!

I am grateful I found this notification as a reminder of how much I do love my blog–eventhough I haven’t spent as much time on it lately–save for my gratitude journal which is reaching a year! Wow!

I also miss visiting your blogs and reading your posts, too. I was glad I had some moments to visit some blogs this morning. Soon though, I will have more time to do so. I can’t wait to visit yours and read your latest thoughts, poems, and stories!

20141011-183328.jpgI am grateful that we (my brother, sister, and I) had a chance to celebrate dinner with Mom for her birthday. We shared this bountiful dinner. The prime rib was a huge slab. LOL!

20140802-235256.jpgI am grateful that we had a friends gathering to celebrate a birthday.

My dinner consisted of a mixed grill of McCormack rack lamb over a bed of mixed herbed bulgur and pistachios and baked plums.

I was grateful to celebrate another year of my life! It started wonderfully (courtesy of my letter of forgiveness to myself), so I awoke with a great sense of inner peace.

I was thankful for all the birthday wishes, and even some serenades!

I had taken a few hours off from work and visited the hospital where I had a good 1:1 conversation with Auntie J, and we gave Uncle M acupressure and reflexology massage. While I was working on his left hand, he moved it, and even the nurse was surprised and happy to see that. Each day, Uncle seems to be getting better and better!

I even had a chat with a friend on the way home (on speaker) whom I haven’t connected with in months.

I met up with some friends who treated me like a princess and gave me some awesome gifts. In San Francisco, we ate delicious Peruvian-style food and we shared four different slices of pies for dessert.

It was a fabulous day!

[The image above was of the front part of a birthday card given to me. The inside greeting states “May all your dreams take flight this year!” 2014 is going to be the best year ever so I hope all my dreams come true too!]

(For 2/11/14)

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