I am grateful that we have the ability to choose.

We have the ability to choose our thoughts, and when they turn negative, we have the ability to put a positive spin on them.

We have the ability to choose what kind of day we are going to have, and change our perspective if we want a much better one.

We even have the ability to choose inaction, when we need time to think about the best course of action.

Sometimes, though, making a choice can be hard. Luckily, I found an exercise that might be useful.  This is from Day 2 (Empowered Me) from the Oprah & Deepak’s Desire and Destiny – 21 Day Meditation Challenge.  I hope this can help you too.

Take a moment to observe one choice before you today. Prior to making a decision, check in with your inner voice and ask yourself, “Is this the most nourishing choice for me and everyone around me?” If the answer does not feel right to you, then consider making another decision. If when you check in with yourself, your choice feels right in your heart, then proceed with abandon.


Caroline Myss

Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge