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We started the day by visiting my grandparent’s grave, because my Uncle and his wife, who recently came from the home country and who could not come for my grandparent’s funerals, have not yet been able to visit… (and from what I’ve been hearing, lights were going off and on, and all sorts of other interesting things were happening at my Mom’s house). 😉

It was interesting how my Uncle was able to find my grandparent’s grave so easily. His legs literally stopped right in front of it, and he looked down and there it was. My Aunt thinks it was freaky.

On the way to Grand-Aunt Jeannie‘s funeral, I heard “Safe And Sound” by Capital Cities. I was glad to hear it. It’s one of two songs that really make things better for me. I knew it was going to be a good day.


The funeral was short and sweet in Colma, where the population of the dead outnumbers the population of the living.

I am grateful to be a part of your send off, Grand-Aunt Jeannie. May you rest in peace.

20131108-070131.jpgI am very grateful to music! Music wakes up my soul and inspires me as I choreograph my life.

More so, I love it the most when my alarm goes off to my favorite radio station playing my favorite songs. This morning, it played three of them when I awoke and while I was writing this post.

I woke up to “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, and I have an earlier post about it that you can read here. It is very inspiring. It is about loving unconditionally, which is something I continue to work on in my life.

I first heard “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities on the 4th of July this year. It helped me get up from bed that day, eventhough I was going through a very painful exacerbation of my herniated disc. Hearing it made me feel safe and made it easier for me to navigate my day. Since then, I have been hearing it almost everyday, and when I do, I feel encouraged and know that everything will be alright.

The third song is “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake, and reminds me of someone in my life that I feel a deep connection with. It brings back nostalgic feelings and maybe… hope.

What songs inspire or empower you? The ones that get you going? The songs that touch your heart?


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