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20140810-000105.jpg300 gratitude posts! How fast time flew! In 65 more days, I would check off another bucket list item, but the wonderful feeling for me was that I have found 300 unique but personal things, experiences, and ways to honor people. Gratitudes have changed my life in tremendous ways.

Another life changing experience occurred during training today. Today was one of the hardest, yet satisfying training and learning experiences I have ever encountered in my life. For one thing, I have found the name of the way I do my healing. I also received healing from others, which I have never experienced before. I was always the one healing.

The growth I am experiencing through the training has been intense, and my life will never be the same.

20140522-204530.jpgI was so grateful for being in Alaska and for being able to experience the serene beauty of Glacier Bay.  It was incredible that even in a boat full of people, it was still so very quiet and so very peaceful.  I was, and continue to be, in awe of my experience as we glided by glacial structures, snow capped mountains that reflected in crisp, cool water, and such abundance of green forests of trees!

I hope to have a chance to go back and visit the untamed beauty of Alaska, and be able to glide through glaciers and feel such wonderful peace again.

Note: For 5/14/14. I did not have coverage and had wi-fi issues on the boat.

20140514-194325.jpgI am grateful for the chance to visit Alaska, and to fully appreciate such a lush, expansive location.

The air is so clean. Everywhere you go, there is an entryway to places yet untamed.

Alaska is a place that I have wanted to go to for many years. It is the untamed that fascinates me. It beckons me to explore. It calls to the wild part of me, and asks me to join a dance from ages ago.

I believe that if the call was louder, I might move here.

(For 5/12/14)

20140513-141554.jpgBalcony shot of Juneau as we pulled in.

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20140510-052733.jpgTime to go!

#100Happydays #bucketlist #vacation #trip #happy

I write as I am relaxing with a hot foot bath and the Gayatri mantra playing in the background. I have finished packing for my trip!

I did my best to pack light and to take only what I need. I think I am getting better and better at traveling light. Also, being quite a very independent kind of girl, I need to be able to lift and put my carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment, all by myself. So it can’t be that heavy at all or I might hurt myself.

It is a special trip for many reason. This is the first real vacation I will be taking since I got sick 17 months ago. Most of my time off have been to heal. It is also a bucket list trip.

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and that I am 98% healthy to enjoy it (the 2% will heal with time, I know it!) 😊

I can’t wait! I don’t even know if I will be able to sleep. I am just too excited! 😁

20140425-052023.jpgI had sent a text to a friend yesterday morning about our upcoming trip (and a bucket list one for me). My texts are in blue.

She told me that when I had decided to go, that she “felt,” at that moment, that something amazing is going to happen to me during the trip.

When this friend “feels” things, it usually comes true, so I am absolutely game for amazing goodness coming my way. Bring it on, Universe, I am ready! Show me what you’ve got!

I am super excited for the trip. With a “going with the flow” and “expect miracles” mentality I’m bringing, a fun and hilarious friend to go with, and a trust in the unfolding of my life for my best and highest good, this trip is going to be a blast!

The Atidecrem Life Project in on YouTube

The Atidecrem Life Project in now on YouTube

I did a lot of housekeeping relating to my blog today, and I am grateful that I have finished most of them. For one thing, my Facebook page was in dire need of an update… about two months worth of posts! Yikes! Luckily I have finished that, but it took a while because I was listening to the playlists I created on my new YouTube channel.  I hope to use my YouTube channel to document my bucket list adventures, especially since my very first bucket list trip is coming up!  Yes, next month! YAY!

There is also another project I wanted to start, and I needed either a Twitter or an Instragram account.  I didn’t know which to use, so I decided to create both accounts to figure them out. I will write about this project soon and I hope you can join me on this new adventure!  And since I signed up for so many, why not add Pinterest, too!  LOL!  That one will take me a while to set up though.

To be honest, I never intended to amass so many social media accounts, which also meant remembering so many more passwords, but my links are below, should you want to follow and let me know if you have social media accounts, because I would love to follow you, too!


The Atidecrem Life Project social media links:



Pinterest  (still crafting my boards)


YouTube  (only some playlists for now)


I have decided to work on a bucket list item.  This one is pretty hard and is a Soulful Adventure.  I won’t tell you yet what I am working on, but I want to let you know so that you can be my witness.

I have decided to do this for 30 days, with the first day starting tomorrow, January 6. I will be journaling my experience each day.  If I extend it, it means two things for me…  1. I am having a hard time with it and really need to make more of an effort or 2. I am seeing some real learning and growth, and I want to experience more.  I will give you a brief  report on the 30th day with either what I have learned and accomplished, or if I need to extend this venture and why.

This is a very hard bucket list item for me, but I have decided to really be present for it.  There might be tears, but there might be a lot of smiles as well, but there will be a lot of soulful growth and learning for me, and possibly, another positive change in me.

I am very grateful that I have finished revising and coding my bucket list page, and I have finally posted it!

It was very hard to trim the list, so I gave myself a “choice” to complete no less than 60 out of the 77 items on my list within five years.  Although, I do want to complete them all!

I can’t wait to start my adventures and start checking items off my list.

To view my bucket list, click on “My Bucket List” on my blog’s menu or click on the link below.

Cheers to living life fully! To adventures, big and small!


My Bucket List Page

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