I received this zenpencils’ cartoon from my good friend, S, this morning, and thought I’d share.

Although, I have never been in love, my heart has had its shares of wounds. I’ve closed it off like below.

My story could have been the same up to the point of locking it away and not letting anyone close to it, except…


I bandaged and inflated my own heart through self-love, and I absolutely know that opening my heart will make me vulnerable, and that’s okay.

Another friend, R, have said to me several times, “you just need to find someone who can unpack your baggages.” I never really understood that, because I felt that I should unpack my own, so that I could be whole to love someone. Perhaps I may be someone who has to help patch up someone’s heart, I don’t know…

All I know is, love is the greatest gift I could ever give to someone else. If my love is returned, then that’s a real treasure.

Not unlike the cartoon, I am sure that when I meet someone who I can potentially fall in love with, there would be moments when I would want to close off my heart out of fear. I am aware of this, and this awareness I hope will help me through the unpredictable journey of love, rather than give in to fear and lose out on the opportunity to love and be loved.

That’s all I can really do, right? So I am grateful for my free floating, patched up heart… 😉

Zen Pencils