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20140913-193147.jpgI am grateful for the awesome barbeque work picnic. It was catered by co-worker, Mr. P. He barbequed beef top sirloin and chicken quarters. He also used Dutch-oven cooking style to make two kinds of beans and to bake sourdough bread, from a three generation old starter named Grace! He also served coleslaw to round things off. We were totally spoiled.

20140530-192710.jpgBoneless prime short rib slices. Great with ponzu. Beef! It’s what’s for dinner!

#100HappyDays #Karubi #Shortrib

BBQ! We had a huge family BBQ in honor of my Uncle and Auntie coming from Vancouver. It had been ages since my mom’s brothers were all together, so the youngest brother had opened up a Johnny Walker blue label to toast the moment. They shared with us too, and learned that really good whiskey go down smooth.

It is always a gratifying experience to spend the day with those I love, so I am grateful.

(For 3/16/14)

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