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20140727-212531.jpgMy cousin, my toddler niece, and newborn nephew came over, and spent the afternoon with me.

It was… Wow! Tiring to be at the beck and call of a toddler, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! It was fun, too.

Baby M is so cute! Babies, most particularly boy babies (family or strangers), love to look at and watch me for some reason. When he couldn’t see me and smile at me, he cried. I joke that my angels must be playing with him.

I am grateful for time spent with family today.

I am grateful to have met the newest member of our extended family. He slept most of the time, but he smiled in his sleep a couple of times! He is so cute! 😉

In this year alone, there were many pregnancies in my extended family. There were a total of seven. I often joked that there must have been something in the water.

There were some relatively easy births. There was even one pregnancy that was lost. That pregnancy was particularly heart wrenching, as the baby fetus, a little boy, was nearly full term, and this was my cousin-in-law and her husband’s second attempt to have a child. Their first attempt sadly ended in a miscarriage, a little over a year ago.

Last night, I held one of the newest additions to the family. Baby C is two-and-a-half months old. He came out with a full shock of hair and tiny body fur. He must have been a little cold in the womb, while he was growing up. 🙂

Baby C was very much hoped for, and with the help of both Western and Eastern medicine, he was able to be conceived and born.

I think, when he hears about the many years his parents tried and all the different approaches they used, Baby C will come to appreciate his life.

This is how I woke up today… thinking about the babies that were born and lost. It made me think about my new lease in life.

So… this precious Life

How are you going to enjoy it?

How are you going to live it?

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