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20140522-204754.jpgI knew that when I first set foot on Alaskan soil (in Juneau) that I was in the right place, at the right time. I was meant to be there.  A few days later, we disembarked in Ketchikan and took a taxi cab excursion.  I will write more about my Alaskan adventures in future posts devoted to them, but during the cab ride back to the ship, I dozed off and had a dream.  My hand was extended out and a gift was placed in my hand.  It was wrapped though.  It wasn’t until a few days later did I understand what kind of gift was given to me. I was, however, very grateful for the wonderful gift I received.  A cool trust in the flow kind of gift.

Note: For 5/15/14. I had very limited phone coverage (network-wise and time-wise) and had wi-fi issues on the boat.

20140522-204530.jpgI was so grateful for being in Alaska and for being able to experience the serene beauty of Glacier Bay.  It was incredible that even in a boat full of people, it was still so very quiet and so very peaceful.  I was, and continue to be, in awe of my experience as we glided by glacial structures, snow capped mountains that reflected in crisp, cool water, and such abundance of green forests of trees!

I hope to have a chance to go back and visit the untamed beauty of Alaska, and be able to glide through glaciers and feel such wonderful peace again.

Note: For 5/14/14. I did not have coverage and had wi-fi issues on the boat.

20140515-153941.jpgA whale! The whales are being so elusive today!

#100HappyDays #Happy #Whale #Whalewatching

20140514-194325.jpgI am grateful for the chance to visit Alaska, and to fully appreciate such a lush, expansive location.

The air is so clean. Everywhere you go, there is an entryway to places yet untamed.

Alaska is a place that I have wanted to go to for many years. It is the untamed that fascinates me. It beckons me to explore. It calls to the wild part of me, and asks me to join a dance from ages ago.

I believe that if the call was louder, I might move here.

(For 5/12/14)

20140514-115340.jpgNow I have to find me a manly man! LOL! 😁

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20140513-141554.jpgBalcony shot of Juneau as we pulled in.

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