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I am grateful for my cousin, E, for sending me this information about Kimberly Saeed‘s post sharing a beautiful meditation that is truly wonderful and amazing.

I tried it last night before sleeping, and I not only felt a really powerful experience but also slept very well. When I awoke early this morning, I did my second day, and I feel so light and free right now and I also feel my body so much more revitalized. Thank you, Kimberly Saeed, for this beautiful meditation and for your blog.


Kimberly Saeed’s post on her amazing Guided Meditation for Acceptance and Self-Love

Have you ever had one of those days that felt easy? Today was that kind of a day for me!

It has been busy the last few days, and I haven’t been able to put in some time for meditation.

After midnight, before sleeping, I played Louise L. Hay’s Evening Affirmations.

I woke up affirming that it was going to be a good day, and my early ride to my physical therapy appointment was uneventful and safe, looking for parking was easy, the elevator was open and waiting (not usually this way) to take me to and from the PT clinic, I was able to get an empty pump as I pulled into a busy gas station, and work felt like everything just flowed.

I am grateful for this easy day, especially since I have a four-day weekend. It felt good to start it relaxed and stress-free.

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