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I am grateful that my Acupuncturist is back from vacation. Due to some scheduling issues and her vacay, I have not seen her for over a month and a half. So when she saw me, my back was like a rock!

Luckily, she had a new Massage Therapist for me to try–a former doctor in China who specialized in spines–who was able to deal with some tensed up muscles. Yay!

(From 10/7/14)

I am very grateful to my Acupuncturist whose help is truly appreciated. It’s been about a month since I last saw her, and it was really over due.

It also turned out that my long walks were a part of the reason for some of my pain–and I thought I was doing something good. LOL! Oh well… Looks like it will be less scenery, more gym for awhile.

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