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KindnessI was grateful for the kindness my Acupuncturist extended to me. When I let her know that I will be late for my appointment, she was okay with it.  When I realized, I didn’t have a blank check with me and that my debit card was in my other wallet, at home, I tried to reschedule, but she wanted me to come in and pay for it the next visit.

She is so cool!  My Acupuncturist really cares about the well being of her patients.  I am so lucky.

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For 5/20/14

I am very grateful to my Acupuncturist whose help is truly appreciated. It’s been about a month since I last saw her, and it was really over due.

It also turned out that my long walks were a part of the reason for some of my pain–and I thought I was doing something good. LOL! Oh well… Looks like it will be less scenery, more gym for awhile.

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