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20140827-213258.jpgDay 11 – Living Kindness

Today’s quote is from Lao Tzu. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

Today’s centering thought is kindness expresses the gentleness of the soul.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is On Mitraya, which means “I am kind and friendly to all.”

From today’s message:
Kindness is the gracious gesture of a loving heart. Genuine kindness can’t be faked or forced. It must come straight from one’s center of being. It is the soul’s recognition that another person deserves the same love you give to yourself. Kindness bridges our isolated individuality and shows us we are connected at our core. This is how our happiness expands beyond our ego boundaries and transforms our sense of self.”

The eleventh day of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience was about living kindness.

Oprah said, “think of a moment when you gave someone the perfect gift… or said something that was comforting… or you just showed up in a way that really made a difference. I believe that moment created as much joy for you as it did the other person… maybe even more. That’s because when you reach out in kindness, you put into motion an energy that expand exponentially, the generous energy of love, connection, and joy–and that absolutely comes back, always. It is a spiritual law.”

I wrote in a post earlier this month about the perfect gift I gave to one of my friends. It was tickets with a Meet & Greet to Lalah Hathaway’s event. My friend, Sheilani, first took me to one of her concerts, and I was fortunate enough to get her something she would enjoy for an early birthday present.

I remember the joy she expressed when I told her, but I was equally joyful to have been able to get her such an unforgettable gift as well.

But acts of kindness doesn’t have to be an elaborate gift. Sometimes it is leaving money in a vending machine for the next person. It is giving your extra dollars to someone who need it. It is serving a meal at a soup kitchen, or simply even just giving someone a smile. Whatever it is, it is an extension of love you are sharing with another soul.

Deepak said that “love is at the root of happiness, and also kindness. An act of kindness is the natural extension of who you really are. It also indicates that you are allowing your awareness to expand, setting aside the ego’s fears and boundaries that a separated self is forced to live inside.”

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

(Image and course information are courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar community’s goal is to reach 10,000 acts of kindness over the next 25 days–“for it’s better to give than to receive.”

If you would like to join me each day until December 25, please follow the daily prompt from this post or my daily gratitude post, and also please subscribe to the link below. By subscribing, you will get the link to enable you to make your acts of kindness count towards the goal of 10,000 AoK.

Daily prompts:
December 1: Phone a friend
December 2: Give compliments
December 3: Be kind to animals
December 4: Random acts of candy
December 5: Create ripples of smiles
December 6: It’s a surprise (surprise a loved one and say “Surprise!”
December 7: Write a kind rhyme (for someone or group of people and send it)
December 8: Be kind to yourself
December 9: Be kind to the planet
December 10: Send a hand-written card
December 11: Fix something for someone
December 12: Thank a do gooder
December 13: High five Friday
December 14: Teach someone something
December 15: Call your mom
December 16: Leave kind sticky notes
December 17: Give to the needy
December 18: Give the gift of music
December 19: Turn on your kindness radar
December 20: Pay it forward
December 21: Give a possession away
December 22: Ask “How Are You?” and really listen
December 23: Let someone go ahead of you
December 24: Send love
December 25: Have a Merry Christmas!

For more information:


Today was full of miracles, and it helped that I was on a lookout for them.

So far, in week 2 of May Cause Miracles, the work I am doing on myself has gotten a lot easier. I learned so much more about myself since I started, and I was able to let go of fears that I didn’t know was still hanging around.

One of my friends, Jenny, was worried about me doing this right now. I am full-time working, full-time healing, and it’s the holidays. I joked and said, “I am an overachiever,” but like in my previous note on Fear, I had to do it… for myself. I have been gifted so much more peace, better perspectives, clarity, and another shift in awareness. What better gifts for me to receive for the holidays?

20131221-092811.jpg 20131221-092823.jpg
Yesterday’s Act of Kindness was to pay it forward. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did. The vending machine idea was an example from the prompt.

One of my co-workers lost money in the vending machine. I thought he wasn’t in the office, so I had to run away after slipping it on his desk. I got caught though.

Last night, I heard the most beautiful voice. Here is Friar Alessandro singing “Panis Angelicus.”

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(For 12/20/13)

The first day of the Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar started today. I am grateful and honored to be asked to be a Kindness Ambassador.

The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar community’s goal is to reach 10,000 acts of kindness over the next 25 days–“for it’s better to give than to receive.”

If you would like to join me each day, starting today until December 25, please subscribe and follow the daily prompt from the link below. You can record your daily act of kindness from a link you will be given via email with each daily prompt.

Today’s prompt is: Phone a friend

For more information:
The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

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