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KindnessI was grateful for the kindness my Acupuncturist extended to me. When I let her know that I will be late for my appointment, she was okay with it.  When I realized, I didn’t have a blank check with me and that my debit card was in my other wallet, at home, I tried to reschedule, but she wanted me to come in and pay for it the next visit.

She is so cool!  My Acupuncturist really cares about the well being of her patients.  I am so lucky.

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For 5/20/14

I was in the hospital one night and these bags were given to my aunt and cousin by another patient’s girlfriend. That was very sweet of her, sharing something given to her during such a trying time also, by The Network of Care organization.

I really think what this organization is doing is cool, so I wanted to share what they are about, because I am grateful for what they are doing and I am sure the families they help are too.

The Network of Care provides in-hospital meals for families keeping vigils over their loved ones. The organization was started by Jim and Janet Frazier based on a small, but significant, act of kindness shown to them by a nurse while they kept a vigil on their daughters who were involved in a tragic accident. The organization was started in memory of their eldest daughter, Stephanie, who didn’t make it through.

Their sharing has helped over 130,000 families, all through donations and volunteers.

The Network Of Care

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