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20140717-223603.jpgDonuts to share at work! 🍩

20140716-212028.jpgI woke up from a troubling dream this morning, and had difficulties going back to sleep.

As I was driving to work, I was still plagued by my dream and my reaction to it, and I had all these questions running around in my mind, when I suddenly looked up and saw a sign (green lettering on white paper) that pretty much tossed all the questions away.

You are loved

My regret was that I couldn’t stop to take a picture of it this morning. I told a few people at work about this amazing experience, and planned on taking a picture of it on the way home… But it was gone. 😔

It was wonderful to get such a message though. It was something I truly needed at the time, and something that I won’t forget.

P.S. Sorry for my drawing. I am not good with perspective drawing. I am more of a portrait (face) artist.

20140715-172030.jpgI was going down the hallway for water and what did I see? So funny, right?

20140714-183840.jpgBeef stew with egg noodle soup. Some now, some for later. Yummy!

20140713-095019.jpgThe Kouign Amanns have risen to *hugeness* and ready to bake! Happy morning!


All baked and ready for the tummy! (I had one already! HaHa!) It’s so good! It tastes like the top of a crème brûlée!

20140712-232340.jpgI am grateful and happy for my meditation playlist. This particular set works with self-love and acceptance, heals, breaks fears, and cleanses.

Acceptance and Self Love Meditation

20140711-174806.jpgI am super happy for leftovers!!

20140710-214012.jpgI am so happy to have eaten Sichuan food tonight. It is my favorite Chinese-style cuisine. It’s super spicy, but you just want to keep on eating!

Those pieces of red chili peppers? They are like chips to me. So good! 😁

One day, when I visit China and explore… The Sichuan Province will be one of the places where I will have to stay the longest. I can’t wait to go!

20140708-220955.jpgSometimes, in order to travel light, you need to release some baggages. Sometimes those baggages come as hopes and dreams that you put a lot of expectations on–the kinds that if they do not come to pass, it will make you go backwards.

Sometimes, you need to see your hopes and dreams set on fire–better yet, if you were the one who lit them and released them, with a clear heart and mind…

Surrender, let go, release… For the highest good of all…

20140708-202516.jpgAfter dinner, I went to one of my favorite places to hang out for some quiet contemplation and to enjoy the setting sun.

Our world is so beautiful. I’m glad to have moments like this just to simply enjoy it. Just be… Let go…

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