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20140728-210346.jpgI am grateful for 100 happy days! And for my 100th Happy Day, I share with you my treasure box. I can’t show you what’s inside, but it contains one of my heartfelt desires.

Yay for 100 days!

20140727-141400.jpgSomething new and different for such a majorly HOT day. Zero calories and tastes like mild Korean barley tea and boba.

20140726-093903.jpgGotta have a leap of faith!

20140725-201641.jpgThe necklace is lovely!

20140724-173018.jpgI ❤️ this from OWN!

20140723-211110.jpgI found this on the web when I was searching for a quote! How cool is this!

20140722-204445.jpgI forgot my juice on the counter at home. With no juice bar nearby, I opted for these to keep me sated.

It is a whole lot easier to drink your veggies and fruits to get the calories you need than to chew them…

20140721-194952.jpgThe 10-day Juicing Cleanse started today. The first day started well. I know that this reset is going to be good for my body, so that will be my main focus each day.

20140720-075801.jpgI’m gonna do this! Let’s do it together!

For our core! For our health!

20140719-174237.jpgGrilled Chicken California Bowl from Rubio’s.

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