Today’s HLDI was inspired by #1 below.  In this post, I decided to jot down three things that made men different from women.  Hopefully you will find this funny as well.

1. The Chinese Take Out Box

I was in the parking garage at work, heading towards the stairs.  A guy was also heading towards the stairs.  He held a Chinese take out box in his hand.

I thought, “a girl would put that in a bag.”  (to carry)

(D and G, from below AND at the same time, also said something about a guy would also eat the leftovers on the way home.)

2. Sniff Test

I mentioned the idea of this blog post to a couple of co-workers. (An aside: I work with a bunch of men.)  At that moment, I had taken out my newly washed jacket (to change into for my workout in the afternoon), and smelled it.

Both D and G looked at me strangely, so I said, “It’s clean! I just washed it, but I love the smell of downy.”

G then decided to give me a background on the Sniff Test–that guys will sniff the front, the arm pit areas, and possible other parts of the shirt (or shorts or pants) to check if it smells clean enough to wear.

Most girls wash their clothes so that they have clean clothes to wear…

3. The Nothing Box

I give G credit for this one also. He just had to share this video of Mark Gungor (which he played quite loudly on our floor Haha) with me detailing how men and women are different. Please watch it. It’s hilarious!