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Today, I am so very thankful for a manager who has not only helped me once, several years ago, but did so once again.

Back in 2009, I was a supervisor of a team where I was the youngest member (the oldest team member had started working for the company the year I was born). It was not easy.

I wanted to have the best team. While I had my own work and my supervising duties, I picked up the slack for a couple of team members who just didn’t want to do their share. There was also a lot of work, and we did not have enough people to do them.

I followed the hierarchy to get help for my team, but also to help with issues our region was experiencing, but nothing happened… so overworked, super burned out, and fed up with crazy work politics in a large corporation… I decided to quit.

Manager D, who was sent to investigate the issues happening in our region, during my interview with him, told me not to quit. He advised instead that I take a personal leave, and when I come back, there would be a job waiting for me. So I stepped down as a Supervisor and went on leave (and traveled alone in Asia).  While I was on leave, Manager D was asked to absorb our region so he could fix the issues. When I came back, there was indeed a job for me.

Manager would continue to have one-to-one meetings with me over the next few years. Last year, he sensed my growing unhappiness; although, I never mentioned anything to him. I didn’t want to bother him. I was grateful to him, and he had already helped me so much. Well, to cut this shorter, he gave me another job in a new team under his umbrella, because he realized why I was unhappy.

This new team is awesome.  My Supervisor, L, is so warm and nurturing. I was given a mentor, S, at work and she is so very helpful.  I had started on Monday.

Unbeknownst to me, my Supervisor and her peers, their manager (and mine), B, and B‘s Manager D, had a meeting early this morning. My new manager, B, had sent me an IM this morning letting me know that he heard I was doing fantastic work and thanked me. I said my thanks and my appreciation, but wondered about it.

It so happened that I had a one-to-one meeting with Manager D later this morning, and he told me how he heard (in a meeting I mentioned earlier) that I was doing great in my new team with other details from Supervisor L, and he said he knew that “would happen.”  It was something he mentioned before during our last one-to-one meeting when we spoke about the transfer, but I forgot until today when he reminded me.

Manager D gave me a wonderful blessing—a new environment where I could grow and flourish again. I am so grateful for a manager like that.

So even if Corporate America has a bunch of issues and politics, I am grateful that Manager D is a manager who always put people and their well-being first. He is truly a first-rate manager.




Keeping cilantro and Thai sweet basil alive until I can use them as I experiment with Vietnamese cooking.

Today’s HLDI was inspired by #1 below.  In this post, I decided to jot down three things that made men different from women.  Hopefully you will find this funny as well.

1. The Chinese Take Out Box

I was in the parking garage at work, heading towards the stairs.  A guy was also heading towards the stairs.  He held a Chinese take out box in his hand.

I thought, “a girl would put that in a bag.”  (to carry)

(D and G, from below AND at the same time, also said something about a guy would also eat the leftovers on the way home.)

2. Sniff Test

I mentioned the idea of this blog post to a couple of co-workers. (An aside: I work with a bunch of men.)  At that moment, I had taken out my newly washed jacket (to change into for my workout in the afternoon), and smelled it.

Both D and G looked at me strangely, so I said, “It’s clean! I just washed it, but I love the smell of downy.”

G then decided to give me a background on the Sniff Test–that guys will sniff the front, the arm pit areas, and possible other parts of the shirt (or shorts or pants) to check if it smells clean enough to wear.

Most girls wash their clothes so that they have clean clothes to wear…

3. The Nothing Box

I give G credit for this one also. He just had to share this video of Mark Gungor (which he played quite loudly on our floor Haha) with me detailing how men and women are different. Please watch it. It’s hilarious!

Today, I tried Movement Meditation. I have never done it before, and I thought it would be nice to check it out to see if I would like this kind of meditation.

It was a little different from what I normally do. The only moving type meditation I have done was walking meditation. Most of the time I meditate on the floor or on a chair.

The instructor used a lot of Tai Chi moves, starting low on the ground, coupled with deep breathing. To him, moving his body to flow and to go wherever it took him was a type of play, and he seemed quite happy and he looked like he enjoyed it. I liked that some of the moves increased my flexibility, even after the first try, and most of the moves were low impact.

I will have to try it again when it is not drizzling and it is warmer, to really get the feel of whether or not this is something I want as part of my meditation plan. I’m glad I tried it though.


I am so honored to be privy to nature’s awesome gifts like this.  You would think me they’d run away once they hear me coming, but interestingly enough, most of the time, little animals like to pose for me.  There was even a crow today that flew over me and cawed several times above me, as if in warning, and then a car approached around the bend in front of me.  I think he was looking out for me, LOL.

I wasn’t always such a nature lover, so I am glad I am growing into it.  It has been wonderful.


My good friend, G, sent me a gift! She had misplaced the charger I let her borrow, and I got this in the mail!  Thank you, G!

(For 2/28/15)


I saw something really cool.

A few days ago, I encountered someone–vaguely recognizing him as someone who works at my building, as I was heading out of the building.  I noticed how hugely he smiled as he walked back.

I came upon him again as I was leaving to get lunch while he was coming back to the building. I smiled (because if you were to see his beaming face, you couldn’t help but smile too), but had to look down due to some steps.  When I looked up again, I saw something pretty amazing.  There was this bright, whitish light that emanated from his chest and radiated out passed his head… like making a big halo from his chest to above his head.

I thought that maybe that must have been his inner light shining out.  He felt so at peace and just really happy that his light within was radiating out.  I couldn’t help but think how I would like to always be in that state of peace and shine just as brightly.  Wow.


(For 2/27/15)

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