20140819-161931.jpgDay 9 – Living With Purpose

Today’s quote is from Tom Bodett. “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

Today’s centering thought is my actions have purpose.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Dharma Hum, which means “my life has purpose and meaning.”

From today’s message:
Our happiness and contentment naturally expand when we are living a purposeful life. It’s not necessarily a strong feeling and we may not always have a clear vision or understanding of that purpose. It may only be a subtle sense that we are where we need to be, and doing what needs to be done, but that is the heart of a purposeful life.”

The ninth day of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience was about living with purpose.

Oprah shared that “we’re all happiest and inspired when our lives have direction, clarity, and meaning… and it doesn’t matter what your specific purpose is, the truth is, each of us has a road map within. I call it our internal GPS system, and when we live life doing that which gives us the greatest fulfillment, we’re nurtured in the deepest, most essential, almost biological way. Your life is speaking to you, guiding you to the fulfillment that awaits. Listen to the signals. You know it in your bones when you feel right–decisions are easy, there is no struggle–that is happiness. Inherently each of us wants what is the very best for ourselves and intuitively we know in our heart what that is. We really do You just have to learn to trust it.”

Deepak shared from a study derived from Positive Psychology that “you can learn to make choices that lead to increased happiness. The most important is choosing to meditate. Starting from your first meditation, you have strengthened the mind-body connection and improved functioning on many levels including the expression of your genes. Even five years ago it wasn’t known that meditation affects the genes but now this is a proven fact.”

Deepak further shared that “when you mediate and awaken your true self, your desires change. You start to want what is actually good for you, and this natural flow of desire becomes the path of your personal evolution. Noticing and nurturing these impulses with conscious awareness bring your life purpose into focus.”

A year ago, I was on medical leave from a herniated disc. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t walk.

I decided to have a body, mind, and soul overhaul. I decided to commit to being healthier, to changing my lifestyle, to Spiritually be more connected, and to begin the process of becoming more open and to trust more.

What I wanted and what I felt I needed to be happy a year ago has completely changed. I have completely changed.

I can honestly say that what Deepak said above about how “noticing and nurturing these impulses with conscious awareness bring your life purpose into focus,” is true. I am more aware of what I have come to do in this life, and I know I have found not only a purpose, but work that will truly make me happy.

I knew I have always been a Healer. I regret that I gave up a chance of becoming a doctor, and fully paid schooling at that. I wasn’t in tune then, as I am now. Now, I am more aware.

I’m at a crossroad regarding my healing abilities, and what I need to do. However, I know that if I trust, open up to all possibilities, and allow my life to unfold without getting in my own way, I will be where I need to be where I can do the most good.

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