20140818-161911.jpgDay 7 – Feeling Complete

Today’s quote is from Fernando Pessoa. “To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing. Be whole in everything.”

Today’s centering thought is I am wholeness.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Sarvatva, which means “I am wholeness.”

From today’s message:
The feeling of completion is an important part of inner happiness. Feeling complete means we feel whole. We glimpse the vastness of our higher self and know we do not lack anything. We have everything we need within us; we are everything we need.”

The seventh day of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience is about what it means to be complete.

You complete me.” Now what woman did not feel at least a smidgeon of emotion stir inside her when she first heard those words from the movie, Jerry McGuire.

We all have, at one point or another, learned from someone else, from society, even from the media, that we are not complete, unless we have a successful job, high status, mounds of money, or someone by our side.

But all these things bring only momentary happiness. Without the happiness from the unchanging within, we can’t appreciate all that we have.

Without the happiness from within, if we lose any or all of what we thought would make us happy, what happens next? Would our world crumble?

As I grew stronger in my Spiritual path and my self-love, I started to understand the meaning of being complete…

In an old post called “Free Floating, Patched Up Heart”, I wrote that I felt I needed to heal my heart to be whole. I didn’t want to meet a man to fix or complete me. I wanted my heart whole so when I gave my love, it will be because I am sharing love and happiness with someone else.

Self-love, forgiveness, and self-acceptance… These will make you whole. I know… I’ve been there, done them, and continue to do them. A year’s worth of meditation helped a ton too! All of these helped me find joy, happiness, and fulfillment in my life. They gave me the wonderful awareness that I am enough.

Deepak said that “lasting happiness isn’t attained through money, status, power, or pleasure. It’s attained through inner fulfillment, and inner fulfillment depends on being whole. When we feel complete, we don’t have empty spaces inside that need to be filled.”

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