20140812-160010.jpgDay 20 – Maturity the Responsibility of Being Oneself

Thought for the day: As I live more in the present, I am transform into my mature self

Daily Quote:
Everybody grows old, very few people grow up. Aging is one thing, growing up another. What is the meaning of growing up? Taking all the responsibility, good and bad — whatsoever happens to you, you are responsible for it.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about Spiritual maturity.

Excerpt from the course
Every child has to lose his innocence and regain it. Losing is only half of the process. Many have lost it, but very few have regained it. Maturity is a rebirth, a spiritual birth. You are born anew, you are a child again. With fresh eyes you start looking at existence. Maturity is coming. You are gaining your innocence again. Maturity is living in the present, fully alert and aware of all the beauty and the splendor of existence.”

When I was in Lily Dale, someone told me that I had a “purity about me,” and when I gave her a questioning look, she expounded that I had “an innocence surrounding me.” And it wasn’t because the minute I had my first break, I played in the swing set near the building I was studying at! HaHa!

To be honest, I didn’t realize how much my Inner Child wanted out! I was like a kid in a candy store in Lily Dale… Learning, discovering, trying to take pictures of black squirrels because I have never seen them before, or just plain exploring the woods as if I was entering another realm and wondering if I went further and further if I might see a Bigfoot! 😁

Osho’s message about “maturity” is not about growing older or becoming staid. It’s about recapturing our innocence and child-like awe and wonder–the kind that we were born with, before all the conditioning.

If you look at a baby, it is very hard not to smile when the baby does, right? They are still so very connected to God, Goddess, Spirit, Higher Power–whatever you call it. They are still attuned to love. All they know is giving love and receiving love. They are pure love.

Spiritual maturity is all about reclaiming that pure love innocence–and to have love as the primary force in which we think, act, speak, and live.

“How do I get that pure love innocence back?” Well, I’m glad you asked! 😁 LOL

This is how I have been doing it, and maybe you will find what will work for you by reading mine.

I have been going through a rebirth, brought on by my Spiritual path. I have worked very hard, and continue to work hard… on myself.

For over a year, I worked on meditation until I was able to put aside time daily, really looked at myself in the mirror, forgave myself, loved myself, and healed myself, because I want to be a better person, the inspired person, the Spiritual person. To me, this is a work in progress, because I want to improve each day.

With this “maturity” to regain our “innocence,” comes self-responsibility too. It means you own your stuff–what you do, say, think, etc. It means taking responsibility when you do or say something wrong.

In the course of the work on myself, I wrote out forgiveness letters to those who hurt me, but I also asked for forgiveness from those I hurt in the past. (If you are unable to ask for forgiveness in person, you can imagine them in front of you and say how and why you are sorry. You could also write a sincere forgiveness letter and burn to release it. Not only will you heal, you will heal the relationship with the other person, and you will change your perception.

Here are some links to help with forgiveness:


Another Lesson In Forgiveness

Once you start doing this, start doing stuff you love. Let your Inner Child out to play. Get on a swing set, if you want to. Dance your heart out–in public or in private, or under the rain. Sing your favorite songs (even if you can’t carry a tune)–sing for yourself!

It’s playtime, Baby. Let your love take the lead and finally enjoy your life.

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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