20140802-161151.jpgDay 13 – Meditation and Conditioning

Thought for the day: I have the power to create new, positive beliefs about myself

Daily Quote:
Society cannot tolerate individuality, because individuality will not follow like a sheep. The sheep are always in the crowd because it feels more protected, secure. Only lions move alone — and every one of you is born a lion, but the society goes on conditioning you, programming your mind to be a sheep.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is to allow and not be afraid to be yourself.

Per Osho, past conditions began as soon as we were born. We learn from our parents, school, society, and others who we are, how we should behave, etc.

It is now time to release old, past conditioning that no longer serves you–and embrace the true you and to love yourself for who you truly are–a beautiful, spiritual being having a human experience, with your strengths and your weaknesses, your good and your bad, and your beauty and your ugly… You beautiful, work in progress You.

I wrote before about how I was in an abusive relationship in the past, when I was in my twenties. Looking back, I can’t even fathom how I ended up in that kind of painful relationship.

I have always been an Independent Sunshine with a great knowing of who I was… until boys in high school.

It is in relating with others that we learn, and change (for good or bad). Somehow, I found myself questioning who I was when I was “relating.” That was when the gaps started to appear, and how I ended up in a relationship that wasn’t good for me.

The most painful abuse this man gave to me was the constant belittling. He went from charming, supportive man to the worse kind–the kind who needed to exert power and control over someone else because he couldn’t control himself or how his life was unfolding.

It took me a very long time to release the past, and to take back my power once more.

The only way I could release his hold on me was to learn to release the past, let go of the pain I incurred, and to learn to forgive.

Part of our journey in this life to wellness and wellbeing–and to live life fully–is to release old conditioning and to release the past… To forgive the past. It’s the only way, you will be able to move on with a clearer heart. It is the only way to move on with a heart that’s open to all the great possibilities that’s waiting to be given to you, once you are ready to accept and receive them.

Fly free and untethered.

Excerpt from the course
Once you start dropping (past) conditions, you will become aware of your wings. And those wings can take you to the ultimate reality: the flight of the alone to the alone. But there you can go only as an innocent being – unconditioned, utterly dis-identified from the past. Meditation is the way to release conditioning from the past.”

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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