20140801-215819.jpgWe met Lalah Hathaway last night!

I have known Sheilani (or “S” in previous posts) since Junior High when I first moved to Northern California, but it was over the last few years that we have gotten closer, and she has helped me a great deal through a couple of rough patches with men and dating and most especially with my Spiritual growing pains. To find someone who could relate and even understand my Spiritual growing pains was truly a gift to me.

Sheilani is also a local musician with a strong background in Jazz. She was instrumental in introducing me to Jazz music and to a lot of local performers and musicians.

One night, a year or so ago, she took me to a Lalah Hathaway show. She is one of Sheilani‘s favorites. I truly enjoyed the Jazzy, R&B, and Soul event, and Ms. Hathaway was not only an incredible singer and performer, but hilarious as well.

A few months ago, I happened to read one of the event e-mails from Yoshi’s Oakland. It was not a norm for me to open e-mails for adverts or announcements (I still have got 9000+ I need to delete from my inbox), but I read Yoshi’s that day. It had the lineup for the Summer season, and Ms. Hathaway was performing.

So I bought the tickets immediately, and the Meet and Greet portion of the event.

I still remember the text (it is also still on my phone HaHa) when I told her of her early birthday present. She was flabbergasted.

Last night, we met Lalah Hathaway personally and had premier seating to her show. We had one of the best views and experiences!

I am grateful that I was able to gift Sheilani with a present she could truly remember. She has been such a gift of a friend… no… Soul Sister to me, and I am honored to know her.

My favorite Lalah Hathaway song

Sheilani’s website

(For 8/1/14 – what happens when two good, female friends meet up and hang out? We ate fried snacks, sweets, and gabbed until the wee hours of the morning! That is why this was late. 😁)