20140730-170321.jpgDay 10 – How To Slow Down

Thought for the day: Since I am a human BEING, today I focus less on doing and more on simply being

Daily Quote:
Women can wait, and they can wait infinitely, their patience is infinite. It has to be so, because a child has to be carried for nine months. And look at a mother, a woman who is just about to be a mother: she becomes more beautiful, she attains a different type of grace, an aura surrounds her. Now she is blooming, soon she will flower.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about slowing down.

Excerpt from the course:
Life is not going anywhere; there is no goal to it, no destination. Life is non-purposive, it simply is. Unless this understanding penetrates your heart, you cannot slow down. Slowing down is not a question of any “how”; it is not a question of technique, method… Change your basic philosophy: that of an achiever. Relax into your being.”

Before I started meditating, I did not understand how to “slow down.” I am Aquarian. We think, act, walk, and sometimes “know” in lightning speeds. There is no such thing as “slow down” in our dictionary. It’s a totally foreign concept.

The herniated disc was my lesson in “slowing down,” and my few weeks of medical leave last year, became my body, mind, and spirit overhaul. It forced me to look at my life–what the past was trying to teach me, how my present was unfolding, and how I wanted to approach my future for my best and highest good.

Before the herniated disc, I worked like a dog. My life was crazier. Our society conditioned us to go, go, go… But where were we going? A stressful and quick way to deterioration…

Have you been feeling or even felt your own “slow down?” And I mean, your personal “wake up” call–where you are made to really look at your life and see if that’s what you want your life to be? I think that is the beginning of a “slow down” which would eventually lead you to a more peaceful way to be.

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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