20140728-235159.jpgDay 8 – It Needs Intelligence To Be Happy

Thought for the day: Today I call on my intelligence to create something wonderful

Daily Quote:
Meditation is fire – it burns your thoughts, your desires, your memories; it burns the past and the future. It burns your mind and the ego. It takes away all that you think that you are. It is a death and a rebirth, a crucifixion and a resurrection. You are born anew. You lose your old identity totally, and you attain to a new vision of life.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about how to learn to be happy.

Osho said that we have learned, over time, to repress happiness. It is now important to learn to be happy and to respect not only the happiness we cultivate, but also to respect other people’s happiness, rather than be envious or jealous.

In order to be happy, you need intelligence. Osho’s meaning of intelligence is not about being intellectual however. It is about gaining insight from within, to be guided from within and not from without, to walk your truth, to take risks, and to be creative (co-create your life). This is how to cultivate happiness.

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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