20140723-115259.jpgDay 3 – Meditations on Anger

Thought for the day: Today I acknowledge any feelings of anger and allow them to harmlessly pass by

Daily Quote:
The science for transformation of life is called meditation. Through analysis, physical science reaches the atom and atomic power, but meditation reaches the soul and soul power.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is on anger, and how best to deal with it and other negative emotions.

He spoke about repression vs. expression–that people are often stuck either on one extreme or even between them.

If you hold on to anger, more likely the anger will build, and there will be time when anger erupts. Then again, what if anger is expressed in such a way that could hurt others?

In the process of what I call a very intense Spiritual and personal growth over the last two years and I am sure for many, many more years to come, I have been facing a lot of things from my past, my baggages, and many more to grow and be a better soulful, loving, and mindful person.

Although I already believed in reincarnation and soul growth, when I heard… “You are a Spiritual being having a human experience,” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardan, spoken by several people, the more I heard it, the more I came to understand and the more willing I was to face things I had avoided. And when I do face obstacles, I am beginning to automatically ask myself, “what is it I need to learn from this person/situation?”

Over the last few weeks, I have been constantly reminded to become an observer in my life. Whether I am facing deep emotions, learning lessons, or things just seem out of control, I am to step back and become an impartial observer to see why and how I am reacting, what the true issue really is, and the possible solutions and answers (from a loving standpoint) to what I am working on in order to release, heal, or forgive.

Interestingly enough, being an observer is the solution Osho presented today. It seems like I am being reminded again. 😉

From the course:
We pour our energy into anger, then only does it become vital. It has no energy of its own; it depends on our cooperation. In watching, the cooperation is broken; you are no more supporting it. It will be there, for a few moments, a few minutes, and then it will be gone. Finding no roots in you, finding you unavailable, seeing that you are far away, a watcher on the hills, it will dissipate, it will disappear. And that disappearance is beautiful. That disappearance is a great experience.”

Osho follows up with a process for a meditation that will help break the pattern of accumulation of anger over and over again. This is helpful until you have a chance to face your anger and what triggers it, and take the necessary steps to forgive and heal.

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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