20140720-073736.jpgI get what I ask for.

I am in the process of a huge shift in spiritual (soul) growth. Most of the stuff I am facing I certainly asked for.

I learned before that I need to be a master of my thoughts. That what I focus on, I will attract.

When you are dealing with a lot of lessons, some emotionally charged, being the “master of my thoughts” sometimes go out the door.

Yet, I knew in the back on my mind, I need to stop and focus.

Well, I am tired of attracting the stuff I don’t want, so I am making a conscious decision to focus on what I want instead.

It takes the same amount of energy to focus on what I want as what I don’t want, but the former will be less stressful. Why do I always seem to forget that when emotions get in the way?

So I have decided to rewire and refocus… And I am grateful for all the reminders that seem to lead me to this conscious decision. Someone’s watching out for me up there, and He seems to be saying “snap out of this. You have a choice.”