20140716-212028.jpgI woke up from a troubling dream this morning, and had difficulties going back to sleep.

As I was driving to work, I was still plagued by my dream and my reaction to it, and I had all these questions running around in my mind, when I suddenly looked up and saw a sign (green lettering on white paper) that pretty much tossed all the questions away.

You are loved

My regret was that I couldn’t stop to take a picture of it this morning. I told a few people at work about this amazing experience, and planned on taking a picture of it on the way home… But it was gone. 😔

It was wonderful to get such a message though. It was something I truly needed at the time, and something that I won’t forget.

P.S. Sorry for my drawing. I am not good with perspective drawing. I am more of a portrait (face) artist.