20140716-215104.jpgSomething weird and bad happened to me on the phone when I was booking transportation for an upcoming trip this afternoon.

I ended up on someone else’s wrath after asking for my first name to be edited on the confirmation, mostly because I was worried the credit card transaction may not go through with the spelling error and for asking for the confirmation e-mail for my first shuttle ride which I didn’t get. I decided to just e-mail the time correction on one the confirmation so I wouldn’t have to talk to him again…

I have never been treated like this. Yet through my tears and stress after he cursed and hung up on me, I still prayed for him and sent him healing and loving energy–so that somehow, I would be the last one to feel his anger and that he will be okay.

After I have calmed down, I still tried to figure out what happened. What did I do? Were my requests unreasonable? I just didn’t get it, so I just decided to work on my own issue about what I had experienced, and send him another round of healing and loving energy, just in case I didn’t mean it the first time, when I was very upset.

You are probably thinking, I should cancel these shuttle rides like my brother told me to do, when he came by to pick up some food over at my place, and found me balling like mad. I would, but at the moment I don’t know another shuttle service that’s going where I have to go.

Maybe something really awful happened to him (much worse than I received), and he was not able to deal with it well. I don’t know.

I suppose, though, what I am trying to convey is that we have a choice on how to react and deal with stuff like this. It may take some time, but it is better in the long run to forgive and to be compassionate… For our own sakes.