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20140630-195829.jpgThere is always hope… always!

Images from the Korean drama, “Glory Jane” aka “Man of Honor.”

20140629-220436.jpgToday, I went to a home demonstration of a line of cookware and an alkaline water system. It has opened my eyes to the benefits of alkaline water and I am currently seriously contemplating making changes.

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I am grateful for family–gathering to celebrate. For shots to loosen the lips, to hear stories (even secret ones) from two of three generations, for yummy food, for fun activities for all three generations (something to do with water guns…), for hours of laughter, and for love, warmth, and compassion for each other.

20140628-220338.jpgBrunch with cousins.

Smoked salmon eggs benedicts. Crab cakes eggs benedicts. Strawberry and banana crêpe with nutella.

20140628-220510.jpgPotato puffs from Grégoire–one with truffle essence and one bbq flavored. My Sis had a craving and treated us.

20140627-194522.jpgI came in very early, when the City by the Bay was just starting to bustle.

20140627-194626.jpgI opted for a window seat at the training center. How do you like the view?

20140627-194641.jpgI walked around at lunch, but couldn’t find my old haunts. It has been some time since I’ve strolled down Market St. I decided to pick up a quick lunch at a deli.

It was a great day, today, and not so cold at all. I was grateful to be in San Francisco and to have had some face to face time with work friends.

20140627-191839.jpgHappy Hour with work friends at Palomino’s!

Food: Cider Spiced Pork Belly, Crispy Calamari, and Brussel Sprouts with Panchetta

Drinks: Stella Artois, Watermelon Mojito, and Basil Gimlet (mine)

20140627-192747.jpgThen more people came! Thin crust pizzas (Pepperoni and Sausage with mushrooms) and meatballs!

20140626-204155.jpgI was going to do a mini cleanse today, eating just fruits and veggies, but there was a huge accident on the freeway this morning. It was a very hard and long commute, and ended up being diverted in more ways than one… like eating something naughty with my nice.

>20140626-201851.jpgTwo younger cousins just moved here to California, so they are here locally for a few days to visit before settling in another city. They are very into the K-pop culture, so I made Samgyeopsal for them. I am grateful for time with them.

Breakfast: Panera’s egg white, avocado and spinach breakfast sandwich with sausage patty

Lunch: Snow White Roll (crab and tempura shrimp roll, topped with spicy tuna, albacore slices, tobiko, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce)

20140625-220829.jpgUnique, cool stuff is like candy to an Aquarian like me, so Coconut Flour and Coconut Sugar trigger my creativity and the want to cast off on a foodie creation adventure!

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