Day 5: Strength Through Devotion

Day five of the Spirit of Mantra meditation series was about devotion and celebrated Hanuman, the Son of the Wind.  This mantra aided in opening us to the energy of life force and strength through devotion to the Divine.  It was also used before any physical fitness.  Per Deva Premal, it made exercise more meaningful when we devote it to Spirit.

“Om” opened the throat chakra. “Hum” eradicated darkness. “Hanuman” worked through life force through breath.  Per Deva Premal and Miten, breath connected us to Spirit, and was very integral for inner work.  “Vijayam” meant victory.

Sensation-wise, I felt them in my hands, a bit in my feet, and through my heart a couple of times. (I wondered if maybe I had indigestion… HaHa).  I ended up massaging my heart area after the meditation.  Maybe it was giving my heart strength. 😉

OM Hum Hanumate Vijayam

Victory to the invincible Hanuman.

Inner Tuning:
Repeating this mantra before physical activity, I connect consciously with my breathing, allowing each breath to fill me with ‘Prana’ – the universal life force. With this, I dedicate my physical exercise to the Great Spirit.

(Disclaimer: All images, mantras, meanings, and inner tunings are courtesy of The Spirit of Mantra.)

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