Day 1: Invocation

Day one of the Spirit of Mantra meditation series reminded us that we are all connected… That we are one big Spiritual family, and as such, we are here to help each other out.

I really like this mantra because it reminded me of a mindfulness meditation where we wish each other kindness, health, peace, and love.  This invocation  mantra not only celebrated how we are connected and encouraged us to seek enlightenment for ourselves, but it also helped us to seek out peace with ourselves and with others, for the highest good of all.

I think this invocation was to send out an intention of the inner work we are embarking on with the meditation series, for our betterment, within and without, and for a prayer for peace for all.

OM Sahana Vavatu
Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejasvi Navaditamastu
Ma Vidvishavahai
OM Shantih Shantih Shantihi

May we all be protected.
May we all be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our studies be enlightening.
Let us not give rise to enmity.
OM, peace (within), peace (with each other), peace (universal).

Inner Tuning:
As I embark on this auspicious 21-day journey with the healing world of Mantra, I commit to consciously setting myself a personal intention.

(Disclaimer: All images, mantras, meanings, and inner tunings are courtesy of The Spirit of Mantra.)

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