20140514-195055.jpgMy curiosity is beyond measure. I like to try anything and everything at least once. So when in the wild, try wild things, right?

Famished from one of our excursions, we decided to get some grub in downtown Skagway.

We came upon a BBQ place that had wild game. There were three of us and each of us had a different burger–Buffalo, Venison, and Elk (my choice). Buffalo girl didn’t want to share, but it’s a leaner version of beef. The venison wasn’t gamey at all. It was lean with a very mild taste. My elk was not gamey as well, and tasted like a mix beef and pork patty. All burgers were perfectly grilled and juicy. The burgers came with two sides, and we recommend the coleslaw and potato salad. The owner is Bob Gibson, who opened his place a couple of years ago for the love of sharing wild game.

Bob has a wild game buffet twice a day, which had venison chili as an offering today. We didn’t get his baby back ribs, but one passenger from New Orleans said it was the best ribs she has ever tasted. Another group who ordered an elk burger and a half rack of pork ribs came back about 15 minutes later to order more ribs.

If you are ever in Skagway, I recommend checking out BBQ Shack. The food is yummy and the price is affordable and well priced. This is where the locals eat and a hidden gem where the cruise workers like to go too. Bob was very cheerful and personable, and even gave us (each) banana bread with neapolitan ice cream on top! How generous, right? He also has really funny stories to share.