20140513-113529.jpgFor our first traditional (sit down) dining experience, I chose the smoked duck breast for the appetizer, a mixed salad with balsamic vinaigrette, roasted leg of lamb with green beans and roasted potatoes, and banana foster.

20140513-113538.jpgOur waiter gave us the gourmandis plate to try.

20140513-113548.jpgLast night, my friend and I went to the wine bar to try some flights. I don’t know much about wine, so please bear with me. The sancerre was slightly dry with a very tangy finish. The chianti was not as memorable on my palate. Red wines tend to be salty to me, and that was so. The vall llach embruix, as my friend said, had a slow drop, after swirling it in the glass. It was very thick. My sinuses cleared upon taking a whiff before tasting, and it was strong, alcohol content wise. It was peaty, and the only red that didn’t taste salty to my palate.

(Had wifi issues on the boat. This is for 5/11/14)