20140510-141747.jpgIt has been an interesting pre-adventure so far. I was a little late leaving for the airport as I did manage to sleep, but was a bit tired. One of my two alarms didn’t work. Luckily, I had the other one set at blaring to ensure I wake up. Several snoozes later, I got ready.

My mom and sis were early in picking me up, but on the way, mom ended up taking the wrong freeway to the airport. Luckily, I realized it sooner than later and managed to get to the gate 20 minutes before boarding.

The flight itself was smooth–well, the part when I was awake felt smooth. 😁

It was after my friend picked me up was when another misadventure occurred. While I was being picked up, the person driving us to the port got into a pretty bad accident. Luckily, no one was hurt, but an alternative plan had to be quickly created and enacted.

Another of my friend’s cousins came to drive us. As we were about to leave, the car wouldn’t start, after several attempts… Not until my friend was joking around in front of it saying something like “alakazam!,” and a prayer from me, and a silent question to God, “are we not allowed to go?”

Finally, we were able to go to the port, but during check-in, my friend’s cousins and niece (4 passengers) who had foreign passports were not allowed to board due to another country’a new policy and an error with booking regarding that. Two other cousins decided to stay behind, for a total of 6 passengers not joining the original 16.

The most interesting tidbit of information I found out today was, my friend’s cousins had a sister named “Mercedita.” I knew that. She couldn’t go to the cruise though. However, I found out this morning that my last name and her maiden name is the same! What a funny coincidence, right? I am the honorary “sister.” LOL! I had to let my parents know, and my mom texted, “What?!!!!”

So, while we are having some interesting pre-adventures, I feel that somehow, I am meant to hang out with this family.

I am grateful to have a chance to make some new memories with these great, funny people, and eventhough, there are some hiccups, I hope that everything will be okay.