20140508-152939.jpgI read a post earlier that I felt compelled to comment on. The blogger didn’t feel good about buying things for herself for the longest time. Sometimes it was about money and sometimes, it made her feel better giving to someone else, rather than giving to herself.

I used to be that person, and that was why I felt compelled to remind her that she is deserving too, and so are you.

Self-care, Self-worth… They come from Self-love. You are worthy. You are deserving. It is okay to buy something for yourself. It is okay to do something good for yourself. It is okay to treat yourself as well as you treat others.

Also, treating yourself doesn’t have to cost a thing. It could be some alone, uninterrupted time, when you can do something like nap, read a magazine or book from the library, or go for a walk and enjoy nature. You can spend that time doing something that makes you utterly happy.

Perhaps these can give some ideas:
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