20140504-091048.jpgThis is the third week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week three focuses on transformation, from opening and activating the seven chakras, to allow for more joy, love, possibilities, and fulfillment in our lives.

So far, we have experienced the following meditations (earlier posts below):
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Day 15: Expressing Security (Om Bhu)
Day 16: Expressing Happiness (Om Bhuvaha)
Day 17: Expressing Power (Om Swaha)
Day 18: Expressing You (Om Maha)
Day 19: Expressing You (Om Janaha)
Day 20: Expressing Wisdom (Om Tapaha)

From today’s message:
“Our seventh chakra is our divine light. It is where we take in that universal light of consciousness, and it is also where we radiate that same light to all creation. Our meditation will help spread the light of our inner awakening to every being in the universe, gently calling them to awaken as well.”

Today is the last day of the Finding Your Flow journey. I am truly grateful for all 21 days of meditation, especially because it helped me through the beginning of a very hard project for me in surrendering, letting go, and trusting the flow.

We experiencing a lot more awakening to spirituality. Many people are finding how divine they truly are, not only from their own personal journey, but also because there are more and more inspiration out there to be closer to God, Goddess, Higher Power, Pure Awareness, Source, however you call it, or however you believe. There is a huge spiritual expansion, and a call to be a part of it.

To receive from the Light that is in us, and to be able to give that same divine Light is truly a gift. It is a gift of sharing, forgiving, healing, joy, and loving, in the most highest possible way. I am honored to be a part of that.

I wanted to share a beautiful saying by the Chandogya Upanishad that Deepak quotes about Light. “There is a Light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the highest heavens. This is the Light that shines within us.”

Let the Light shine, ever so brightly!

Today’s centering thought is “I radiate light.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Om Satyam, which means “I express my pure awareness into the world.”

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