20140411-011701.jpgI am thankful, and very grateful, for the entire 21 days of Oprah & Deepak’s Finding Your Flow meditation experience.  When I had decided to redo my Trust The Flow #1 project, I was worried if I could truly do it. I had a hard time before.

Luckily, Finding Your Flow came at the right time.  It made surrendering, letting go, and going with the flow, a whole lot easier. I felt “supported.”  I felt “empowered.”  Even through some really tough times.

I was glad I signed up. I was glad I was diligent each day. I was glad I opened my heart and mind to the teaching and experience.

I loved it, and 21 days of my 45-day Trust The flow #1 project, went much smoother because of Finding Your Flow.

Visit The Chopra Center Meditation for more information on available meditation experiences.

(Image courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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