20140503-163558.jpgI was over at my Mom’s, after we visited my grandparent’s grave, for lunch. Mom decided to heat up a steamed bun (with Chinese sausage inside). When I first introduced that to her, I told her to wrap it in clear plastic wrap and with her crazy, strong microwave, heat it for no more than 30 seconds. I think she forgot…

When she opened the microwave, black smoke quickly filled her home. Mom had wrapped the steamed bun with paper towel (which burned), and from the look of it, she must have cooked it for at least 3 minutes!  I am grateful her house didn’t burn down.

Since I smelled like smoked, burnt food already, I decided not to join her and my little sister for an outing, and decided to play with food instead.  I am always happy to play with food. 😉

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Munch Master image courtesy of Michael Maslin