20140501-210957.jpgThe pollen, dander, and dust abound! I haven’t had allergies like this in a long time… no matter where I was today, they managed to find me! Like heat seeking missiles!

Thank goodness for the allergy pills in my cabinet at work. The teeny pill worked so maybe it wasn’t expired? I hope…

In any case, I am grateful that I have a netipot! My nose needs it so badly. With my luck, the saline solution may be expired. I hope not, but it’s just sea salt and warm water, right?

On an aside, although my friends and family know about this blog, not many find their way here, so they don’t know when I give shoutouts like this.

I am also grateful that my little brother treated us for dinner. 😉 I already thanked him personally, but this gratefulness project is really for me. But wasn’t that cool of him? All our tummies appreciated the dinner.