20140430-213214.jpgThis is the third week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week three focuses on transformation, from opening and activating the seven chakras, to allow for more joy, love, possibilities, and fulfillment in our lives.

So far, we have experienced the following meditations (earlier posts below):
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Day 11: Activating Love (Om Kakini Namaha)
Day 12: Activating Expression (Om Shakini Namaha)
Day 13: Activating Wisdom (Om Hakini Namaha)
Day 14: Activating Consciousness (Om Katyayani Namaha)
Day 15: Expressing Security (Om Bhu)
Day 16: Expressing Happiness (Om Bhuvaha)

Having found and activated our personal power, by radiating it, by expressing it… we can not only help ourselves through difficulties, but we can share support and give strength and compassion to others who need them the most, and become a source of inspiration and hope.

“Spiritual power is the flow of universal power focused through us to support and benefit others.”

Oprah mentions that by surrendering to the flow and trusting that which is greater than ourselves, we “radiate a vortex of strength and power.”

Deepak adds that by expressing power through the solar plexus chakra, we gain access to a “core of support that knits together mental, emotional and spiritual strength.” These three kinds of strengths are what we need in order to overcome obstacles, reach our goals in life, and share our strength with others.

I’m in the process of surrender, of trusting in a higher power, and just letting go. It has not been easy at all, but I am flowing, and doing my best.

I am sure that trusting in the belief that I will be okay, no matter what happens, is helping. That was something I learned, through many obstacles, first hand, but grateful for.

But surrendering and letting go doesn’t happen automatically for me. I still resist and still want to take control. There isn’t a day that go by when I have to stop and remind myself why I am surrendering and letting go at least once a day, but I also know that I am more at peace when I do.

Surrendering isn’t about giving up control of your life. To me, it’s about giving up control of the part of me that can self-sabotage all the self-work I have been doing and giving in to the ego’s wants, fears, and doubts that get in the way of my happiness. My life is a whole lot easier when I swim with the flow than against it.

Today’s centering thought is “I radiate strength and support.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Om Swaha, which means “I express my confidence into the world.”

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