20140429-213504.jpgI don’t watch that much T.V., and when I do, most times I am watching the Travel Channel, OWN, Create, PBS, Food Network, or Discovery Channel.

One of the shows from Discovery Channel that I have watched over the years is Deadliest Catch. I can’t believe they are in season 10! I am grateful I caught a show today (I didn’t know the series’ new season started already.)

I miss Capt. Phil Harris and his crab fart catching method. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is hilarious! He’s like a part ornery, part super happy pirate. 😉

I can’t believe the conditions they face on the Bering Sea! I am in awe when I watch the show, and still captivated by their experiences after all these years! There is always something new to see and learn, and this Aquarian likes that a lot.