20140428-230434.jpgThis is the third week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week three focuses on transformation, from opening and activating the seven chakras, to allow for more joy, love, possibilities, and fulfillment in our lives.

So far, we have experienced the following meditations (earlier posts below):
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Day 10: Activating Power (Om Lakini Namaha)
Day 11: Activating Love (Om Kakini Namaha)
Day 12: Activating Expression (Om Shakini Namaha)
Day 13: Activating Wisdom (Om Hakini Namaha)
Day 14: Activating Consciousness (Om Katyayani Namaha)

Today is so busy since rushing out of the house to go to work to coming home after dinner and light shopping, but I am happy that however late it is, that I can have a moment to sit still and go within.

I love this week’s meditations because it is about letting our higher selves come forth. Imagine what this world would be like if we say, do, act, and feel through our higher selves!

Today’s meditation focuses on security and peace. Before we can help others feel secure and at peace, we must be secure within. As we grow more secure and peaceful inside of us, the more we can extend these feelings to others through the expression of our authentic selves.

Today’s centering thought is “I radiate complete peace and security.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Om Bhu, which means “I express my stability into the world.”

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(Image courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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