20140428-212233.jpgI am grateful and happy that I had a fabulous dinner with my mom. It was my treat, and she chose our favorite Chinese restaurant. Mom is unable to eat any greens at the moment, so that was why there weren’t any green veggies or herbs for garnishes. We had hot and sour soup, black bean fish, double mushroom beef, and steamed rice. The staff always give our family free appetizers, which today consisted of potstickers, egg rolls, crab rangoon, and fried shrimp.

The funny thing was, as I was taking a picture of the first entrée, the second one came, and I explained to the long time faithful server, Alan, that the food will be my Happy Day entry for today. Alan then said that we were his Happy Day today, because it was good to see us today (we haven’t been by in a while). Awww! How cute!

Then the restaurant owner’s wife (although I don’t really know her) came by, and asked after the food, and I guess I was really happy being there, and LOL, she gave me a hug!

It was really such an awesome dinner. 😉

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