20140427-125000.jpgChawanmushi is a Japanese savory, steamed egg custard dish.  It is named for the way it is steamed in a tea cup.

You mix beaten egg with broth or stock, as well as other ingredients like meat (chicken works well), seafood, herbs, and mushrooms, to steam and then enjoy.

Ingredients for today’s recipe:
Broth or Stock (1 cup per 2 eggs)
Shrimp (peeled, de-veined, and sliced in half lengthwise)
Mushrooms (quartered or sliced)

1. Beat the eggs, until well incorporated. (2 eggs per 1 cup of broth)

2. Measure the amount of broth you need (1 cup per 2 eggs used), and mix into the beaten egg. (The broth will season your egg, so be careful with the sodium).

3. In a ramekin, glass dish, or foil pan, arrange your mushroom and shrimp.  (When you incorporate your liquid, the ingredients will swim and rearrange themselves.)

20140427-130519.jpg4. Using a strainer or a fine sieve, slowly ladle the egg and broth mixture through it into your ramekin, glass dish, or foil pan. (Doing so will minimize the amount of air bubbles, which will make pock marks on the top after steaming.)

5. Cover the ramekin, glass dish, or foil pan with clear plastic wrap or foil.

6. Boil the water in your steamer.  Turn it down to medium heat after it boils.

7. Steam your chawanmushi until the middle is set.  (For the small ramekins, I check at around 8 minutes.  It may be done within 10 minutes.  The cooking or steaming time depends on the material of your dish (foil, ceramic, glass, etc) and the size of it.

8. Set it aside to cool a little, and then enjoy!